Online SMS with Sanchar SMS

Sanchar is our online web application which quickly allows you to send and receive SMS online. Sanchar’s intuitive interface enables anyone to start sending SMS within minutes.


Features of Sanchar SMS

A powerful & intuitive platform for communicating in a quick & effective manner.

Send bulk SMS

Send SMS in Bulk

Bulk SMS is a great way to talk to a large number of customers in a short amount of time. You can send thousands of messages out and, unlike email, you can be sure they’ll be read at a time of your choosing - great for marketing campaigns which are time sensitive.

Boost brand recognition with a Sender ID

An An SMS Sender ID is the name the message appears to be from on the recipient’s phone. With Sanchar Sms you are able to change this to any name of your choosing, using up to 6 alphanumeric characters, at no additional cost.

SMS messages with sender ID's
Personalised SMS messages and SMS message templates

Personalise your messages and build message templates

Using our dynamic field functionality, you can send messages with  personalised details such as names and dates to improve engagement. You can also build dynamic templates to help you save time, maintain consistency and limit mistakes.

SMS message reporting and analysis

Real-time message reporting

Once you have sent your messages, you will instantly be able to see the status of them. You can see how many have been delivered or how many failed. You can even investigate down to the recipient level, to see who received the message. This can be invaluable feedback that will help you clean out all the inactive numbers in your data.

SMS Automation/Schedule on Occasions

Now you can easily get connected with your recipients on their birthday, anniversary, marriage, festivals etc.

A Virtual Mobile Number and a Short Code

Sanchar's Frequently Asked Questions.

How is my data secured?


At Sanchar, we pride ourselves on our security and reliability and have taken a number of measures to protect all data to the highest standard.
We are TRAI Certified Company – an independent security standard setting a framework for establishing, operating, reviewing and improving Information Security Management. This ensures all customer data is protected to the highest standard, so you can rest assured that all your details are safe with us.

How many characters can I use in a message?


A single message can contain up to 160 characters. However, if you're struggling to fit everything in, we offer the option to send up to 612 characters by combining 4 message parts into one message. This would cost the same as sending 4 messages.

How can I see if messages have been delivered?


When you log into your account you can see real-time message statuses, this makes it easier than ever to keep track of your messages.

Can I have multiple users on a single account?


Absolutely, and we advise you to do this, rather than share passwords. You can have as many users as you need on each account; each user will have a separate username and password for maximum security. The username of the sender of a message will be visible, allowing you to track who has been sending each message.

How many messages can I send?


You can send as many messages as needed, so no matter how big or small your business is, our platform can handle it.