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Bulk Email Service in Jaipur, India

As the mails are the preferred way of receiving the information about the brands and other business nowadays, and a study shows that 99% of people who has an email look at their inbox once a day. So emails can be used as an effective way of marketing and as a service provider SANCHAR TECH PVT LTD focus on reliability and gaining customers at a greater rate

  • Promotional Email
  • Transactional Email
  • Email Campaigning
  • Cost Per Open (CPO)
  • Dedicated SMTP Server
  • Emailer Design
  • Email Application

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Bulk Email- The Most Crucial Internet Marketing Tool

The most effective marketing solution, bulk email services make sure your services reach to your target audience in every nook of the world. Marketing tricks don’t need to look complicated when you use bulk email services. When you are ready to invest in bulk email services, you can easily customize the email templates to make them appropriate according to your services. Being a cost-effective marketing tool, it seems good to use bulk email services and build a brand image. The easy to use and simplified marketing option makes bulk email a great marketing tool in today’s world of technology. With bulk email, you can easily strategize your marketing process and attract customers in the most impressive manner. You have a chance to enhance your brandability through bulk email services. Creating the best marketing campaign through personalized mass email services is also quite easier for you. Converting leads into loyal customers will be easier when you use our bulk email services.

Promotional Email to Popularize Your Services

Reaching your target audiences and make them aware of your products and services will be convenient through promotional email services. Promotional email services are conveniently available to boost your brand popularity and make your products popular among the masses.

Features of Promotional Email Services that Are Worth Counting

Check out the features of promotional email services that work the way you do:

  • Approachable
  • Make email marketing campaigns beneficial
  • Attract audience
  • Enhance your popularity
  • Deliver promotional deals right to the inbox of your prospective and existing customers
  • Exceptionally designed email templates
  • Personalized email campaign
  • Convenient delivery of over popularized deals
  • 24/7 email support

Who Should Use Promotional Email Services?

Here is who should consider promotional email services:

  • Banks
  • Insurance Firms
  • Online Shopping Stores
  • Digital marketing institutes
  • Medical Institutes
  • Travel industry

Transactional Email Services for Your Business

Making your customers aware of transactions and specific actions related to their accounts is indeed the most convenient way to build trust. You can seek professional’s help to create personalized transactional emails in real-time.

Transactional Email with Advanced Features

Browse through the features of a transactional email that make a world of difference to your brand.

  • Prompt delivery
  • Secure email process
  • Convenient to customize
  • Help building trust
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy to serve your needs
  • Suitable in all conditions

Who Needs Transactional Email Services

It is easy to get started with transaction email services if you belong to the following institutes:

  • Airlines
  • Travel industry
  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants
  • Medical institutes
  • E-commerce
  • Digital enterprises

Sending bulk email is indeed the easier way to make money. In fact, bulk email services are useful to reach prospective customers in a fuss-free way. Connect with speicalists and get perks of transactional and promotional emails to attract your target audience.