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Bulk SMS Service

In day to day, growing market bulk messaging is the best way to communicate with the customers and this the most effective way of engaging the customer and increasing the sales. Through this, you can reach out to the market more quickly and reliably.

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • International SMS
  • SMS Campaigning
  • Election Campaigning
  • Business Leads VIA SMS
  • SMS URL Tracking
  • SMPP Gateway
  • File Sending via SMS
  • SMS Application

Talk to Expert

Remember these 5 DO’s & Don’ts with your sms campaign

  • Call-to-action
  • Be brief
  • Start with a consideration grabber
  • Cause your clients to feel like VIPs
  • Timing is everything

  • Don’t bombard customers with messages
  • Stay away from text slang and shortened forms
  • Don’t forget a call-to-action
  • Don't Always Tell Your Clients To BUY! BUY!! And BUY!!!
  • Don’t forget to identify yourself

Bulk Message Package & SMS API Pricing in India

We all are aware of how mobile phones have evolved as an eminent part of the digital world. This is the reason why mobile marketing has become the central point of every strategic marketing planning and aids in earning a competitive edge over competitors within the industry.
Bulk SMS which is an eminent part of mobile marketing is very useful and an active marketing tool that helps effectively penetrate the market and achieve real success. Bulk SMS marketing service India is gaining high popularity in the recent times for businesses in building relationships and bringing in scalable results.
Bulk SMS service allows you to send mass text messages both nationally and internationally. Thus it has turned out to be the best solution for businesses aiming to reach a particular segment of the audience, locally or globally.
Sanchar SMS which is a renowned SMS service provider in Jaipur have extensive experience in both digital communication solutions and mobile marketing campaigns. If you wish to avail of our Bulk SMS service Jaipur you can visit our website and check on the details, the Start-up plans, etc. We have also shared our WhatsApp number and mail-id for your convenience.
Some of the different customers who benefit from Bulk message package Jaipur are consumer brands enterprises, banks, media outlets, major airlines, travel agencies, healthcare providers, large consumer websites and retailers, etc.