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This is to bring to your Notice that TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has released a new regulation in July 2018 which was updated again on December 2018, in its continuous endeavor to create a cleaner and transparent system in the Indian telecom industry and to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) along with enhance mobile subscriber privacy.

The new regulation can be accessed via click below


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will introduce Block chain technology for Operators; this is a change that will help maintain uniformity amongst all operators. It is a proactive measure to help you with the entity registration process; We at Creative Point could assist you with the process of entity registration or guide you with the steps to engage in the registration at your end

In adherence to the upcoming regulations, all business/enterprises will be required to register with operators with all details mandatory for sms communication alongside letter of authorization. For instance we will need all Headers, all Templates and Customer Consents.

Please note sms will be classified into four sections post implementation and Headers/Templates/Consents will be registered accordingly under each category

  • Promotional Sms - This will be for Promo / Offer based sms
  • Transactional Sms - This will mainly be for Bank related OTP type sms only
  • Service Implicit - This will mainly be for OTP from entities apart from banks and also other sms related to transaction or feedback sms will fall under this category
  • Service Explicit - Cross selling & Upselling or any information or security alert sms will fall under this category

The onboarding process begins with Entity/Enterprise registration along with Header (Sender ID) registration.

Please find attached the list of details needed for registration, we recommend you to review the attached excel and kindly keep the document ready with you. Please note that anyone who fails to register will become non-compliant. Subsequently, enterprises (like your esteemed organization) will then not be able to send A2P SMS to your end consumers. Therefore, we request you to complete the registration (Entity/Enterprise registration along with Header (Sender ID) registration) via below provided DLT registration portal before 31st January 2020 to ensure uninterrupted services

DLT Registration portal:

You can register in anyone of the below portal: (Jio DLT URL)

You may reach out to us for any assistance, if required.

S.No. Document Required Document Type


Proof of authorized signatory (Authorization letter)

Draft Authority letter on company letterhead,scanned copy to be uploaded on portal


Proof of Identity (Authorized signatory)

Scanned copy to be uploaded on portal


Proof of Address of Company

Scanned copy to be uploaded on portal


Pan Number (Entity), GST Number(Govt.), Aadhaar Number of Authorized Signatory

Scanned copy to be uploaded on portal


General Authorisation by Entity to Telemarketer

General Authorisation by Entity to Telemarketer

For any further information/clarification you may write back to us or call us.


Please enter the existing Principal Entity Register ID if already registered

Download the Documents:

Download   General Authorisation issued by a Sender to Telemarketer(LOA)

Download   Letter of Authority

Download   DLT Entity Registration Document