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Long/Short Code Service

Long/Short Code Service A virtual phone number is the type of contact number. You can get number when you purchase the services of a virtual telephone system. VPN are not allotted to any particular device, computer or telephone. Instead, they are hosted by a service provider and can be forwarded to any telephone or extension in any home or business across the nation. This is exciting news for business owners because it allows them to take their business numbers with them wherever they go. .

For every entrepreneur who is just starting out, the most important thing is to invest carefully in terms of time and money. Simply there is no room for improper time and money spent on too expensive resources. This is the reason that most business owners today take advantage of virtual phone numbers. With this technology, they can stay relevant in a marketplace and it is very beneficial for newbie entrepreneurs. A Professional long code SMS service provider facilitates the service of response on request to the large clientele. For getting good voice broadcasting and web service through the long codes you have to link your API with this application. Organizations can access this global networking and messaging through Long Code Service. It also offers proper reporting through alerts on email, automatic response system, online services and alert on SMS. Therefore, it is highly recommend you to access this messaging solution to promote your business without investing much..

SMS long code providers are designed for gathering traffic, fresh leads and receiving timely responses from the recipients. The long codes assigned to the subscribers may not be very easy to remember when compared to the services of short codes. However, these services are of low cost and much more suitable than the application of SMS short codes. The codes are globally accessible and it has a wide range of applications.

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Short code

Short code lets your customers remember you with the utmost convenience. With a combination of keyword, short code is a reliable way to promote your brand. When you want to increase response rates, using short codes makes a world of sense for you. It is just as simple as reaching your customers in a comfortable and cost-effective manner. With different types such as dedicated short codes and shared short codes, you have options to choose from according to your business requirements. When you don’t only want to impart a unique identity but also wish to facilitate high-volume interactions, short code is indeed the right choice for you.

Short code lets your customers remember you with relative ease. The short code services help you promote your brand and increase response rates. Include short code on the website, storefront, social media, and brochures to provide your customers with a convenient way to reach you immediately.

Have a Glance at the Features of Short Code

Receive messages on short code to connect to your users and enjoy the features mentioned below:

  • Unlimited auto reply SMS
  • SMS alert
  • Dedicated throughput
  • You can control your messaging
  • No keyword restriction
  • Fuss-free provisioning process
  • Better deliverability
  • You can customize your auto replies
  • Quick response rates
  • Unmatched delivery rates

Trusted Industries Invest Use Short Code Services

Wondering which industries usually try short code services? Here is a list that you must check:

  • Online retails
  • Marketing companies
  • Media
  • Financial services
  • Customer services
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics companies
  • Transportation services

Come with many benefits, short code services are indeed a boon for your business. If you belong to any of the above-mentioned industries, you should start using short code made to benefit your business. To get started, connect with us right away.

Long code

Promoting your business with long code is indeed a great way to increase response rates. You can include long codes on your website, store-front, social media, and other marketing channels to give your customers convenient access to reach you. With dedicated and shared long codes, you have two options to choose from according to your needs and business requirements. When you want to provide information that your customers want, long code services will definitely help. A kind of two-way communication, long code comes at low cost with the benefit of international accessibility. They are easy and cheaper to use. You can easily choose the best long code option among dedicated and shared long codes according to your business requirements.

Long code SMS services let you convey information to your potential customers. You will easily promote your business growth through long code services. When you want a unique way to invest in the best business marketing strategies, you probably need to go with long code SMS services especially if you are a startup.

Benefits and Features You Might Enjoy Using Long Code

Take a quick look at the benefits and features attached to long code:

  • Real Time Reporting
  • URL forwarding
  • Control panel to view responses
  • Quick and convenient setup
  • Real-time Editing
  • Customized welcome messaging
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Easy to use
  • Normal SMS charges apply
  • Convenient to add to mobile phone address books

Who Finds Long Code Beneficial?

Many industries are out there that find long code beneficial for their business. Check below to know:

  • Banking and financing institute
  • Educational organization
  • Hospitals
  • Travel
  • Agencies that conduct the survey
  • Companies willing to interact with their customers
  • Long code service is ideal, as it is cheaper and faster to implement. Get the dedicated long codes to benefit your business and earn more profits. Now, feel free to make a switch and get the benefits of long codes right away.